L.L. Bean Christmas Commercial – The Clothes, the Actor, and More!

Hello and thanks for checking out my commercial post today! Is it just me or is every single company making Christmas commercials this year? I’ve written about a few I never really expected to have holiday ads (click on each for the commercial) — Etsy, Sprite, and even The Red Cross. Spoiler alert, Sprite’s is pretty terrible. But I won’t be a Scrooge, most of the ads are great and just recently I wrote about the best commercial you’ll see all season from AT&T. Another new ad this year is from L.L. Bean. I’ve written about their Christmas ad last year, and it was simply adorable. This year’s offering is less adorable but still features the brand clothes and overall flavor we’ve come to expect from L.L. Bean. Take a look then scroll down for more info…

The Actor. Playing the part of William is actor Jeremy Gimenez. Check out more of his professional work on IMDb here. I can’t find much more about him but at least we know his name now!

The Clothing. The flannel shirt he’s wearing will run you between $89 and $129. The boots are $179. The vest, color is called emerald spruce, is $119. The snow cap, or beanie, whatever they’re called, is $29.95.

The Music. Briefly playing at the end of the commercial is “White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes. I wonder how much it costs to license that song for under 10 seconds?

Wrap Up. This doesn’t quite reach the cuteness level of their ad from last year, although the pup in this one is awfully adorable. I guess women might find “William” cute but I barely have an idea what women find attractive! Overall, it’s a good ad showcasing L.L. Bean products in a subtle, seasonal way. If I had to pick something that’s slightly confusing, it’s the opening text slide, “A Real L.L. Bean Holiday Story.” Are we supposed to believe someone wrote in with that story? This doesn’t seem quite genuine to me, so if it’s NOT a note from an actual customer, then why open the commercial like that?

How do you feel about the commercial? Does it give you the warm and fuzzy Christmas feels? Chime in below, and thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness


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