This Red Cross Christmas Commercial is Flaming Hot

Talk about a unique take on holiday commercials! This new ad from the American Red Cross starts by giving you all the warm, fuzzy feelings as a young girl hopes for snow over the holidays. She gets her wish, walking out into a real-life snow globe (kind of like this Amazon Christmas commercial) but soon finds out not everything is as merry as it seems.

This is one of the most memorable, effective, and scary Christmas commercials I’ve ever seen. It plays on all of our fears (or is it just me!?) of accidentally burning something down. Visually, everything changes as the daughter realizes the snowflake in her hand is not a snowflake at all. At the same time, the cheery music (which, according to this site, is a song called “I Will” composed by Ari Hest and Sloan Anderson) slowly blends into a sinister, dark sound as we see the neighbor’s house in flames. Consequently, Ari Hest is the artist behind the music in a fantastic Publix commercial from a few holidays back. It’s a must-listen, check it out here.

The Location. The location of this ad is Arizona. The license plate on the car is from Arizona and you can see the dry, desert landscape when the mom and daughter are outside.

What are your thoughts of the commercial? Chime in below and be safe this holiday season!

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4 thoughts on “This Red Cross Christmas Commercial is Flaming Hot

  1. I was horrified by this commercial. What were they thinking. The reference to the holocaust was sickening. If it was an overbite then shame on them


      1. Townspeople outside of the camps also thought it was snowing only to learn that it was ashes from Jews being incinerated


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