Publix Christmas Commercial – The Actress, The Snowman, and More!

At this point, can we all just admit Publix knows how to make commercials that pull every single heart string? They do it time and time again, like this one, that might be the cutest ad I’ve ever seen. Then they created original music for this Thanksgiving ad, it’s a beautiful song called “I Remember This.”

But let’s focus on Christmas, shall we? Here’s the heartwarming commercial airing this holiday season, called “The Attic.”

Who’s the actress? This adorably caring little girl is Wynter Glenn. She’s a young actress represented by Bartlett-Carter Talent Management. Although her acting resume is just beginning, she’s been in a couple of short films and could have a bright future if she sticks with it!

The creativity. The ad was created by by 22Squared, Inc. so a big kudos to them for putting tother a great Christmas spot.

The snowman. We don’t know much about why the snowman is stored in the attic, collecting dust for months and months. The only hint we get is when the neighbor, an older man, flips through a photo album. A picture garners our attention of a man and his daughter. Is it his daughter? Granddaughter? We don’t know exactly but there’s something tying that photo to the snowman. Perhaps it’s just that he became bitter and Scrooge-like until his Christmas spirit is once again awakened by the cookies left on his doorstep.

Publix knocks it out of the park again with this ad. A sweet moment reminding us to, as they say in the ad, “give someone a reason to believe.”

Thanks for stopping by, and merry Christmas!

-Out of the Wilderness


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