Is there anyone cooler than Dolly Parton?

Is there anyone cooler than Dolly Parton? She’s without a doubt one of a kind in country music and now in rock music. She performed a new song at the recent ACM Awards Show and the 3 fans who weren’t staring at their phones (grrrrrr!!!) seemed to have enjoyed every second of it. Take a look at the icon doing her new song…

Some would say part of what’s making the “world on fire” is our obsession with smartphones. It’s not just the kids, either. I’m 44-years-old and feel the tether of my phone every day. It takes a lot of focus and discipline to leave the phone behind when I go anywhere! In an interesting connection to the awards show hosted by Dolly and Garth Brooks, I recently heard that the Garth Brooks show in Vegas is going to be strictly phone-free, requiring ticket holders to leave their phone at the door before they go into the venue. I actually love that idea. This isn’t the only connection to Garth. A song of his came to mind as I was listening to Dolly’s for the first time. “Standing Outside the Fire” (from 1993) is a call to action in the same way Dolly’s is.

Fire starters. Politics, as Dolly mentions. Denying God, also written in the lyrics. It’s a great song especially when it gets to the bright, hopeful lyrics towards the end.

As I listened to the song, I kept coming back to a song by Michael Jackson called “Earth Song.” The song is pretty epic but along with the video it’s taken on another level. It was released in 1995.

Dolly is a beloved part of American music history and I hope I can be like her one day. Are there other songs that reach this level of introspection? Perhaps “If I Can Dream” by Elvis? Chime in below with more titles and I’ll see you tomorrow!

-Out of the Wilderness


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