The woman in Keith Urban’s video “Blue Ain’t Your Color”

Keith Urban’s latest single is #1 on most of Billboard’s country charts, but besides the song, the video stars one of the most well-known supermodels.
Her name is Amber Valletta.
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screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-1-30-49-pmscreen-shot-2017-01-10-at-1-31-14-pmscreen-shot-2017-01-10-at-1-31-28-pmAmber Valleta GoogleI remember her most from her role in the movie Hitch*, starring Will Smith and Kevin James. In that movie, she played a likable superstar actress. Here’s a great scene from Hitch:

She’s been in other movies, tv shows, and various projects.
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10 Signs He’s Into You

He uses his phone to call you, not just text. Remember the good ol’ days when you sat by the phone and waited, then the excitement when the phone rang? Not only is calling a sign of a confident man who likes you, it’s also classy.

He answers the phone when you call. He’s not playing games with you. If he can, he answers because the girl he really likes is calling him. That’s a big deal.

He responds to your message the same day. If he likes you, he’ll probably call before it’s been “days later” unless he’s playing games.

He organizes events just so you’ll attend. Facebook events page, anyone? If you score an invite to a group outing to watch wrestling at the Stadium Inn because you love Arick “The Dragon” Andrews, it could mean the event was all planned for you.

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He likes having inside jokes with you. This is a little thing that means a whole lot. It connects the two of you in a place where no one else is connected. So if inside jokes are a part of your relationship, chances are he wants to know you more.

He asks to spend time with you. Spending his free time with you is the biggest compliment. What he’s saying is that of all the things he could be doing, he wants to be with you. Obviously, that’s huge.

He asks in person or on the phone to see you. Doing this takes guts, and shows he likes you, or at the very least, thinks you’re interesting. If he texts you and asks you to dinner or something, then he may not care as much as you’re hoping he does.

He says ‘yes’ when you ask to spend time with him. He could’ve said ‘no.’ Even if he has other plans, he’ll cancel them at the chance to spend time with you. “When your wondering what to say, or how you look… just remember… she is already out with you. That means, she said yes, when she could’ve said no.” -from the movie Hitch* (can be applied to males or females)

He never talks to you about other girls. I talk to some of my female friends about girls I like. I never talk to girls I like about girls I like.

He tells you personal things about his family. Letting anyone in on family stories is usually a big deal. This means he trusts you with what may possibly be most important to him, his family. Disregard this if the family he speaks of is his wife.

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Learn Slow But Steadfast

I have no fear of drowning, it’s the breathing that’s taking all this work.
“Work” by Jars of Clay

I was laying in a bed around midnight but before I drifted off to sleep, I said a few little prayers. Those are often times my most honest conversations with the Lord. In fact, there are days I get down on my knees to pray before going to sleep and after the “Amen,” I climb in bed and that’s when the real praying begins. I confess to Him my desires, hoping that Psalm 145:19 is a promise I can count on. I’ve leaned on it in the past and God did not fail me, so I put a lot of hope in that being the case each time I cast my cares on Him. This particular midnight prayer came after attending the Chicago world premiere of “The Dilemma” starring Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly, Winona Ryder and Channing Tatum.

Ticket to World Premiere of The Dilemma

There’s a scene in the movie where Vince Vaughn’s character has a honest conversation with God. He says something like this: I know I’m supposed to give you things, but I just can’t give you this.” I was surprised by the emotional scene in a movie that was marketed as a comedy. I could’ve been Vince Vaughn sitting on the bus bench in that scene. He was in the middle of a dilemma (is that surprising?) without a good solution to fix it. When he was at his lowest, he turned to God for help. I loved that. Returning to the hotel afterwards, I watched a little television, then went down for the night. As I prayed, I thought about the things that I’ve given over to the Lord, and the things I haven’t. What I’m holding with an open hand, and what I won’t let go of. I was compelled to raise an open hand as I laid there, to loosen the grip on what I think I have control over. But to open my hand, to let go, is to no longer have control. It’s living out of control.

I didn’t raise my hand that night. I’ve chosen to hold onto the snake that keeps biting me for another day. Maybe the venom won’t kill me. When will I trust Him enough to open a raised hand so he can put bread in it?

How long till suffering makes me steadfast?