10 Signs He’s Into You

He uses his phone to call you, not just text. Remember the good ol’ days when you sat by the phone and waited, then the excitement when the phone rang? Not only is calling a sign of a confident man who likes you, it’s also classy.

He answers the phone when you call. He’s not playing games with you. If he can, he answers because the girl he really likes is calling him. That’s a big deal.

He responds to your message the same day. If he likes you, he’ll probably call before it’s been “days later” unless he’s playing games.

He organizes events just so you’ll attend. Facebook events page, anyone? If you score an invite to a group outing to watch wrestling at the Stadium Inn because you love Arick “The Dragon” Andrews, it could mean the event was all planned for you.

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He likes having inside jokes with you. This is a little thing that means a whole lot. It connects the two of you in a place where no one else is connected. So if inside jokes are a part of your relationship, chances are he wants to know you more.

He asks to spend time with you. Spending his free time with you is the biggest compliment. What he’s saying is that of all the things he could be doing, he wants to be with you. Obviously, that’s huge.

He asks in person or on the phone to see you. Doing this takes guts, and shows he likes you, or at the very least, thinks you’re interesting. If he texts you and asks you to dinner or something, then he may not care as much as you’re hoping he does.

He says ‘yes’ when you ask to spend time with him. He could’ve said ‘no.’ Even if he has other plans, he’ll cancel them at the chance to spend time with you. “When your wondering what to say, or how you look… just remember… she is already out with you. That means, she said yes, when she could’ve said no.” -from the movie Hitch* (can be applied to males or females)

He never talks to you about other girls. I talk to some of my female friends about girls I like. I never talk to girls I like about girls I like.

He tells you personal things about his family. Letting anyone in on family stories is usually a big deal. This means he trusts you with what may possibly be most important to him, his family. Disregard this if the family he speaks of is his wife.

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13 thoughts on “10 Signs He’s Into You

  1. why does my guy friend tease me a lot and then wants to give me a kiss? he even asked me out to dinner this weekend and sai i hope my plans don’t change just so he can spend time with me….


  2. lol you’re perception of him is absolutely right! He is very handsome and has an air of arrogance about him and probably thinks he can get any girl if he just clicks his fingers. I agree with the religion aspect, i explained to him that being with someone long term from a different religious background depends on if your family would be excepting of that. I also said personally i wouldn’t go there due to all the family hassle.

    I remember when i said that he was like trying to persuade me to say that its not such a big deal anymore! He even went as far as saying ‘what if the guy is willing to convert to the girls religion and then would i consider?!!’ All of this was of course said in a hypothetical context. I just think he either thinks i’m really stupid or he is bloody testing me!

    I forgot to add the next day when i saw him at work, I was waslking towards him and instead of him turning around and saying hi to me, he said hi with his back turned away from me whilst he was messing about on his phone! Do you think he took my answer the day before as a rejection?!

    He has alot of female friends but i haven’t observed how he is with them, as he’s quite discreet and like i said doesn’t give much away. He’s just too bloody cool for his own good!

    sorry for the long story, and thanks for your feedback its always good to get a guys perpective on this!


    1. Are you talking about Chris? I swear this guy sounds like someone I know haha.
      It doesn’t seem like this guy would care if you rejected him or not. He’ll keep playing his games, or else he’s completely unaware of normal social and proper relationship behaviors. Some of the questions may just be tests, like you suggested. Given what you know about him, are you still attracted to him? If so, perhaps you should flirt to see how he reacts. However, it doesn’t sound like this guy is making a fantastic impression on you, so maybe he is handsome, but has nothing else to offer.


      1. I’ve think you’ve summed this guy up in a nutshell he has nothing to offer! Yes he’s an attractive guy (he looks like john abraham btw!) but i’m not sure i’d wanna flirt with him, i dont wanna give him the satisfaction, he doesn’t deserve it! I always talk to him in an open and honest way and no games but if he can’t do the same back then he’s probably a waste of my time! My gut instinct tells me theres something about him that i can’t trust. Hey thx for the feedback you’ve made me realise a few things!


  3. Hi driftwood thanks for the quick reply! Yes that did cross my mind that he could be asking me that question for a friend! He does this wierd thing. For example even though he approached me and and started to ask me what kind of guy i would go for, i noticed that when i was speaking back to him and if another guy (at work) had walked past us then he acts like he’s not interested in what i have to say anymore! Thats why i think he could be playing a game, he gives me mixed signals like that.
    Btw we are both from different religious backgrounds and when he asked me what kind of guy i would go for he was referring to it in that context. He blatently asked me if i would consider or change my mind in getting with someone from a different religion?!’ He even gave me an example of his friend being with a girl as the same religion as myself.

    I still dont know with this guy though it may seem obvious with what he’s asking me but in the past he used to play mind games with me, like trying to make me jealous by talking to all the other girls at work but blatently ignoring me! Thats why i dont entirely trust him. He’s gonna have to do better than that!


    1. Totally agree. If he’s played games in the past, I’d err on the side of caution if I were you. If he wants you, make him earn it by being consistent, honest, and a real man. No games, no tricks, just pursuit of a girl he knows he wants. Mixing religous backgrounds is a touchy subject because often times those beliefs have deep roots, so if there’s every a disagreement about something of faith, neither of you will budge and that could be the end of the relationship. Compromise is good in relationships, but not necessarily in matters of faith.

      Perhaps you can obvserve his behavior around other girls and see if he treats them any different than he treats you. If he tends to show preference to you over other girls, that’s a good sign. But if he’s a player, you’ll see him do the same things to (or with) other girls.

      Given the little I know about this guy, it seems like he thinks he’s a big fish in a little pond…


  4. what if the guy just did one of those things as in he told me personal things about his family and mentioned wealth. Was he trying to impress me into liking him?! He hasn’t shown many other signs because i believe this guy plays his cards very close ot his chest.

    The other thing was he asked me what kind of guy i would go for? was he putting feelers out or testing me and perhaps hinting about himself? or is it all part of a game?!


    1. My initial reaction is that he has some interest. Especially if you feel like he’s a little reserved, it may just take some time for him to come out of his shell. I’d say give it more time and hopefully you’ll see more signals. About asking what kind of guy you typically go for, my guess that he’s either asking to see if he fits the mold, or if one of his buddies fits the mold. We don’t ask that question without reason. I hope it’s not all a game, for your sake. At the end of the day, trust your gut. Chances are if you think he’s interested, he is. If he’s sending mixed signals, I’d say he’s either uninterested or he’s playing a game. Hope that helps!


  5. Question: Is it all of these signs combined? Or one or two? Or 75% of them. Because a lot of my guy “friends” use a lot of these “signs”. Are you suggesting they all would like to ask me out? and if so–why aren’t they?


    1. Definitely not all combined, but if you notice a few signs, its worth investigating. Remember to take everything in context as well. Are the guys your taling about treating other girls the same way? Then it could just be he’s a nice guy.


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