The Facebook Panic Button

It was a historic day in April of 2010 when ‘Out of the Wilderness’ published it’s first post. Well, it was historic because in the UK, that’s the day Facebook was urged to add a ‘panic button’ to all user pages. But anyway, ‘Out of the Wilderness’ also published What In The K%!$#tchen Is Going On? that day. So today, exactly a year and 124 posts later, marks the 1-year anniversary. Because of your curiousity, the site has over 60,000 views, averaging 164 views per day. Outstanding!

The site has covered music, Nashvillepersonality-types, ghostsPiper the dog, and fan favorites: The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. In it’s infancy, ‘Out of the Wilderness’ was hosted by Blogspot and went by the name, ‘The Driftwood Detectatory.’ If you dig deep enough, you may find some of those old writings and perhaps discover… they are literary gold. For instance, one post ranks 95 movies from best to worst. For your viewing pleasure, the list can be found here.

‘Out of the Wilderness’ has only just begun. It’s young history is but a glimpse into what it will one day be; a site covering topics you will love, and other topics you will really love. Reading is a fantastic way to spend your time, so won’t you continue sharpening your mind, providing laughter to your soul and sharing with your friends? Please do so by following along as ‘Out of the Wilderness’ takes you to places that are indeed, not in the wilderness.

Oh, and Facebook doesn’t have a panic button yet, but it does have a ‘like’ button, and it has a ‘poke’ button.


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