The first Bachelor contestant, Adam

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Does anyone else’s mind wander during church sometimes? Only me? OK then! That’ll give me something to confess the next time I’m in prayer.

“God, I’m sorry for thinking about ABC’s The Bachelor and what if Adam was the contestant picking from 25 women. I know it’s weird. Thank you for loving me anyway.”

…is pretty much how that prayer would go.

Today in church there was a brief mention of Adam and Eve, and my mind ran with it. Somehow Adam became the star of The Bachelor and Eve was just one of the 25 women competing to guard and protect his heart, which leads to a flurry of questions:

Where would the other 24 women come from?

Would they all be vegetarians?

They’re already in a beautiful garden, so where’re the “exotic” dates?

Who is “there for the right reasons”?

I can see the first caravan of camels pulling up now. Adam, here are the first five women… Mary, Esther, Sarah, Ruth, and Jezebel, who simply winks and says, “Let’s do the d*mn thing.” Adam looks off to the side, “Boy, am I in trouble.” The next five arrive: Rahab, Zilpah, Ashleigh R., Ashley K., and Ashlee M. He whispers under his breath, “So many Ashley’s.” On and on it goes and maybe Eve doesn’t arrive till the final five, since the host (God) wants to save the best for last.

Adam notices Eve right off the bat so she gets the first impression rose. He feels like somehow she’s already a part of him. Get it? Ok, anyway. The first date card arrives…

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So that date will end badly. A combination of fruit, a snake, and all the contestants are banished from the paradise mansion in Eden…FOREVER!!!!! No Bachelor Pad, no Bachelor in Paradise, and dare I say not even an episode of The Women Tell All. But there is a wedding. Adam eventually picks Eve and they get married.

Years go by and many more seasons of The Bachelor, then along comes the star of the first Bachelorette season ever, Ruth! You can read her story in the Bible but I’ll say this, it includes a sizzling overnight encounter!

-Out of the Wilderness



The woman in Chris Young’s “Losing Sleep” video

This morning I’ve been researching Chris Young’s music video “Losing Sleep,” more specifically, the cast of the video. In this case, it’s Chris Young as Chris Young and a mystery woman as the lead actress (to find out who it is, scroll to the bottom).

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Through various channels, I wasn’t able to find out who she is so then I tried looking up modeling agencies here in Nashville (where the video was shot).

Funny thing happened, I saw a few people I know, guys and girls. Some I’ve been to church with, some I’ve been to lunch with.

But then I stumbled upon Danielle M., who you might recognize from The Bachelor!


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Her occupation on the show’s website lists “Neonatal Nurse” but that must just be her day job. She’s also a model! You can find more about her on this modeling website. I don’t know if she’s dating Wells (another Bach contestant who lives in Nashville) so no juicy details there. I do know one thing for sure: She’s not the woman in Chris Young’s video.

That woman is…drum roll, please… Kiersten Dolbec!

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Per the comments below from Kiersten’s mom, here’s a bit of info y’all will appreciate:
She was born in Folsom, Ca in 1991, grew up in Saratoga Ca, and now lives in Dallas TX. She is a model with Kim Dawson and Wilhemina Models. She has been studying improv at 2nd City in Chicago (home of the Saturday night live alumni) and has started her career in acting this past year. She was training for the Olympics in High Jump and had a full ride scholarship to UC Santa Barbara for Vollyball.

Kiersten is a model and actress and you can check out her website by clicking here. You can find her on social media by clicking the links below…



And a big thanks to The Chris Young Brigade for pointing me in the right direction!

-Out of the Wilderness


Working from home as it relates to Bachelor in Paradise.

Being self-employed, working from home, whatever you want to call it, that’s what I’ve been doing since being laid off about 2 Bachelor in Paradise seasons ago. And speaking of reality, if you would have told me 2 years ago how my life would look now, I would not’ve believed you, although I would’ve definitely hoped you were right. The idea of foregoing a desk job to explore other ways of making an income was attractive to me because I seemed to be fitting less and less in a style of work that included cubicles, time sheets, and weekly meetings.
michael scott
Plus, in our economy, now more than ever, alternative forms of income are very possible and I’m proof. I’ve also got friends that are proof. In fact, one new friend started her own business as a massage therapist less than a year ago and it’s been so inspiring to hear about. She’s really smart, went about it the right way, and I think it’s pretty awesome to hear stories like that.

I wake up each day excited about what the day holds but I’ll be totally honest, it’s not always fun or easy or safe. That’s where faith in a higher power comes in. I believe God wants to take care of each and every person on this planet. Don’t ask me how He’s able to do that because I have no idea, I’ll leave all the logistics up to Him. Some things we just weren’t meant to know, else our brains would…
Maybe it’s a desk job. Maybe it’s professional sports. Maybe it’s working in a hospital, or inventing the next iPhone, or bagging groceries at Publix. We all can fit in somewhere.

Geez, I’m way off track.

I didn’t mean to go all Tony Robins on you.

I guess the moral of this post is that sometimes what might look like a devastating blow is actually the best thing that could ever happen. Take Bachelor in Paradise, for example.
The rose ceremony happens and you don’t get a rose. But instead of crying and your makeup smearing all over your cheeks, you skip out with a big smile on your face and hope in your heart that paradise is actually not televised.

The adventure might only be beginning! Here’s to your adventure, my adventure, and enjoying the journey…

-Out of the Wilderness

What the texts said between Joe and Sam on Bachelor in Paradise

Fans of Bachelor in Paradise must be dying to know exactly what the texts said when Joe held up his phone to the camera on a recent episode of Bachelor in Paradise. He has long been saying that Sam (a girl he’s obsessed with) is as guilty as he is for plotting and scheming for this season of the show. Well, here’s what the texts say:
Joe: What am i supposed to do till mid June? I hope I’m still there.

Joe: Not hilarious but very embarrassing.

Samantha: OK since you asked here’s samantha’s 2 goals to live by this month.

Samantha: 1. do what you need to do to stay i don’t care what.

Samantha: 2. don’t get 100% completely wifed up yet.

Joe: Are you being 100% serious?