The first Bachelor contestant, Adam

Does anyone else’s mind wander during church sometimes? Only me? OK then! That’ll give me something to confess the next time I’m in prayer. “God, I’m sorry for thinking about ABC’s The Bachelor and what if Adam was the contestant picking from 25 women. I know it’s weird. Thank you for loving me anyway.” …isContinue reading “The first Bachelor contestant, Adam”

Were Adam and Eve vegetarians?

I’ve wondered this question for a while now. Back when humanity was perfect, as in, no sin, fellowship with God, before people had to learn lessons like this, I don’t recall any mention of Adam or Eve eating meat. The story that comes to mind is the one most people have heard: the two love birdsContinue reading “Were Adam and Eve vegetarians?”

A girl and an apple and the power they had, err, still have

Girls have been changing our minds for thousands of years. Thanks a lot Eve! Although I’m sure it was more difficult for Adam seeing as how Eve was offering an apple to a vegetarian (they didn’t eat any meat in the Garden of Eden yet, right?) and, oh yeah, SHE WAS NAKED! Can I getContinue reading “A girl and an apple and the power they had, err, still have”

What Faith Is

It just takes some time, Little girl, you’re in the middle of the ride. Everything, everything will be just fine. Everything, everything will be alright, alright. “The Middle” -Jimmy Eat World During a discussion a few days ago this question arose, “What is faith?” The answers varied but most included the themes of trust, belief,Continue reading “What Faith Is”