Happy burp taste to you

One evening I kept burping and it tasted like the Beyond Burgers I had for dinner that night. Happy burp tastes is what that was. Have you tried the Beyond Burger, plant-based patties that taste very much like the burgers you are used to? I highly recommend them. Not only are they yummy on theContinue reading “Happy burp taste to you”

Are my dogs secretly vegetarians?

The funniest thing happened with my dogs recently. Before I tell the quick story, it’s important to remember they, especially regal beagle Piper, will eat almost anything. And I’m being very serious about that. ANYTHING. Think of the grossest thing you can come up with. Yeah, she’ll eat that. So I came home from grabbingContinue reading “Are my dogs secretly vegetarians?”

Dairy Free Weekend, 6 Months Later

How many vegetarians does it take to screw in a light bulb? I don’t know, but where do you get your protein!? The biggest challenge was a week-long family reunion in Florida 3 months into my altered diet. Grilled fish. Coke floats. Pancakes. Pizza. Burgers. Food I would’ve indulged in had I not jumped inContinue reading “Dairy Free Weekend, 6 Months Later”

A girl and an apple and the power they had, err, still have

Girls have been changing our minds for thousands of years. Thanks a lot Eve! Although I’m sure it was more difficult for Adam seeing as how Eve was offering an apple to a vegetarian (they didn’t eat any meat in the Garden of Eden yet, right?) and, oh yeah, SHE WAS NAKED! Can I getContinue reading “A girl and an apple and the power they had, err, still have”

Becoming a Vegan

I’ve toyed with the idea of giving up meat, but only for about a half second. It’s not that I love eating chicken, or turkey, or burgers too much. It’s just that I can’t imagine only eating vegetables, fruit, and bread and only drinking water and juice. Vegans don’t drink milk or eat cheese either.Continue reading “Becoming a Vegan”