Judah and the Lion – Suit and Jacket

I first came across Judah and the Lion from their song “Take It All Back.” I thought it sounded a lot like Eminem actually. Check it out real quick: Right? Two totally different types of music, though, that’s for sure. Now they have another song out called “Suit and Jacket” and I love it evenContinue reading “Judah and the Lion – Suit and Jacket”

Using Spotify with Shazam

The highlight of my day so far is that Shazam and Spotify actually can be linked up together! I posted a blog the other day (Who is Noah Cyrus?) and posed the question why Spotify hasn’t bought out Shazam yet. Well, there’s a button in Shazam that lets you log in to Spotify. A bitContinue reading “Using Spotify with Shazam”