Cardi B and “Wap” is a great reminder…

There is a lot of controversy over Cardi B’s new song, opinions which I will not get into now… except to say sometimes leaving something to the imagination is the way to go, you know? Cardi B doesn’t really leave any room for that and I hope to God my young nieces and nephew can decipher why this song and video are just nasty and unhealthy (because let’s face it, every kid everywhere has seen or heard the song, sadly). 

I hesitate with extreme effort to call this song art. I’m of the opinion that Cardi B and this song specifically will be more like a shooting star. It’s here only for a moment. Better yet, as to not associate Cardi B’s song with anything as beautiful as a shooting star, how about a pesky mosquito that needs to be squashed? Yes, that’s better.

mosquito biting on skin
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Then I think about another band that has been burning brightly for over a decade. Yesterday I rediscovered why I love the band Muse. I had totally forgotten about 2 albums they put out around 2010 and gosh, listening again was a boost of encouragement. Art in music still exists. Lyrical depth still exists. Musicianship still exists. Imagination still exists.

Cardi B is a great reminder that Muse makes great music. 

So for any of you who have risked listening to Cardi B’s “WAP” just to know what kids might be exposed to these days– first take a shower to get that nastiness off you, then check out a few of the links below to feel hopeful again. Good music is still out there, don’t let Cardi B make you believe otherwise! 

-Out of the Wilderness

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