Leap Year in music and movies

In honor of Leap Day (Year), here’s a list of a few movies and a few songs that are about (or mention) Leap Day or Leap Year…. or any kind of leaping šŸ™‚ Movies… Leap Year (2010)Ā  Pirates of Penzance (1983)Ā  February 29 (Korean, 2006) Music… “Circle of Life” (Elton John) …it’s the leap ofContinue reading “Leap Year in music and movies”

Boston Marathon Bombing: Loving Enemies

“Love your enemies.” Talk about radical teaching, but even on a day like today makes me love Jesus more. Because how many people today, how many religions right now, anywhere in the U.S. or the world, are thinking, “I really want to find those responsible for the Boston Marathon explosions and love on them”? Ā ButContinue reading “Boston Marathon Bombing: Loving Enemies”

Music Roulette: 50 Songs in 1 Paragraph

How many songs can you identify? TheĀ first hint is that there are fifty songs listed, and each song lyric connects to the next through one or more overlapping words. Good luck! (you can look at the key words listed on this post for some help!) I miss those blue eyes. How you kiss me atContinue reading “Music Roulette: 50 Songs in 1 Paragraph”