The Secret Apple Commercial – The Secrets, the Narrator, and the Music!

Apple has a new commercial airing out everyone’s secrets. No one is cheating on their spouse or stealing their friends brilliant inventions; the secrets are health-related and some are kind of embarrassing! Take a look then scroll down for more info… The Music. If you thought the music sounded familiar, you might have connected itContinue reading “The Secret Apple Commercial – The Secrets, the Narrator, and the Music!”

Which addiction would you rather have?

There are days I feel like I have my phone with me for almost every hour I’m awake. I think to myself, “Geez, so this is what addiction feels like, huh?” I think about people who smoke or use drugs or drink alcohol in excess. I can understand what they feel even if the drawContinue reading “Which addiction would you rather have?”

Listing an item for $1 on Facebook Marketplace

It’s a pet peeve I’ve had for awhile but it’s my current (least) favorite. I can’t even explain how much it ticks me the heck off when someone lists an item for $1 but the description has the actual asking price. Talk about bad etiquette! THOSE PEOPLE SHOULD GO TAKE A LONG WALK OFF AContinue reading “Listing an item for $1 on Facebook Marketplace”

Swimming underwater

Sometimes I have dreams where I can swim underwater without coming up for air. In fact, usually when I have to answer that “What would your superpower be?” I answer with this feat. I guess I should make clear that I’m a human and as a human, I can’t swim under water for too longContinue reading “Swimming underwater”

Volkswagen Jitterbug Commercial – The Music, Star Wars, and More

HelloOoOoOoOo there and thanks for coming by to check out more from the Volkswagen commercial featuring a dad and his adorable daughter. They’re both actors, most likely, or in the case of the toddler, one of the crews daughters but still, they both do well selling the warmth of a father-daughter relationship. Take a lookContinue reading “Volkswagen Jitterbug Commercial – The Music, Star Wars, and More”