Lil Xan is a real person, really

First off, I realize I’m showing my age now by JUST finding out who Lil Xan is. All I can say about that is… I wish I never found out about him. The first images I saw were disturbing and it’s not just because of his tattooed face. I’m trying hard not to judge becauseContinue reading “Lil Xan is a real person, really”

Using Spotify with Shazam

The highlight of my day so far is that Shazam and Spotify actually can be linked up together! I posted a blog the other day (Who is Noah Cyrus?) and posed the question why Spotify hasn’t bought out Shazam yet. Well, there’s a button in Shazam that lets you log in to Spotify. A bitContinue reading “Using Spotify with Shazam”

Who is Noah Cyrus?

Shazaaaaam!!! Not to be confused with Kazaam starring Shaq O’Neil, I use the Shazam app on my phone when I hear a song and either don’t know the name, or can’t remember. By the way, when is Spotify going to buy Shazam? Wouldn’t that be nice? The new app would identify the song and thenContinue reading “Who is Noah Cyrus?”