2022 Super Bowl – things I can’t forget about everything else besides the game

When did commercials stop being really great?

Why was 50 Cent hanging upside down at the start of his portion of the halftime show?

I don’t remember rap in the 90s being as boring as it was during the halftime performance.

I think movie promos and website commercials are the downfall of the memorable Super Bowl ads we’ve come to expect.

How does someone do anything productive during the Super Bowl? I mean, you can’t even leave to use the restroom without missing the game or missing the commercials.

Beyond Meat breakfast sausage patties are pretty great.

Publix’s vegan sub sandwich is also pretty great.

Publix at 1130am looked like the mall on Christmas Eve. SO CROWDED.

Why is the Space Force flag in line ahead of the Coast Guard flag?

If I could have lunch with any living legend, it would be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Showing the rich elite stars in their private booths at the game, why do we think they know what if feels like to be a middle class American? (This is as political as I’ll get today :))

Halftime show reinforces the notion that the best halftime shows ever were U2 after 9/11, and Prince performing in the rain.

I know I said these would all be about stuff unrelated to the game, but Stafford’s no-look pass should be remembered forever.

Published by Ben Wilder

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