Colleges that will change their mascots in the next 5 to 10 years… probably

I recently put together a list of professional sports teams that might soon be pressured into changing their mascots (click here for that). Not to be outdone, here’s a list of colleges that might suffer the same fate as those professional teams.

Colleges that might change their mascots to be more politically correct:

Florida State Seminoles

North Carolina Tar Heels

Alcorn State Braves

Utah Utes

Central Michigan Chippewas

Mississippi College Choctaws

*Also on this list is any school or team that uses as a mascot, Warriors

There you have it. Do you know of another school that might change their name? Comment with your additions below and as always, thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness


I had a college professor who never used the word ‘the’

It was a strange semester to say the least way back in the 1998. One of my roommates was in the class with me and it didn’t take long for he and I to pick up on this teacher’s quirky mannerism.

Surely it was just a random day where he wasn’t using the word, or he just misspoke a few times, right? Nope. All semester long this guy would skip over the word as he taught us the higher knowledge.

That was over 20 years ago, so why am I sharing this with you now? Well, I guess it just seemed like a story that needed to be told. Because who does that? The use of ‘the’ dates back to almost 1100 years ago so needless to say it’s an important word in the English language. I mean, can you imagine trying to form serious sentences without this word?

I dare you to try going an hour without using the word. As best you can, edit the word out of your normal comments and conversations and see how weird it sounds.

Now imagine you’re trying to get a good grade so you can graduate from college! You see how hard it can be for an innocent little college student trying to navigate world around him and teacher starts doing stuff like this? My roommate and I should’ve gotten A’s for all shenanigans we had to deal with 🙂

-Out of the Wilderness