Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Commercial – The Music and More!

This ad makes it clear Microsoft is going for the hip and cool crowd, from the way it’s edited, the cast, and the music. Check it out. The Music. The song featured in this ad is “Don’t Lose Sight” by Lawrence. Follow them on Instagram and listen to more on Spotify. Check out the cleverContinue reading “Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Commercial – The Music and More!”

When I dreamed of being an artist…

When I was a young’un, I drew pictures all the time. I even dreamed of one day being an artist. I wasn’t thinking like an adult at all. Because an adult would think:¬†OK, I want to be an artist. Can I make a living with this? What kind of artist? Who’s the audience? Still imagesContinue reading “When I dreamed of being an artist…”