Woke Joe Biden Hires “Two Non-Binary People and a Truck” to Move into White House

Washington, D.C. — Joe Biden and his family have started moving into the White House this week as the outgoing President finishes up removing all personal effects. Staying on course with his message of unity and inclusion, Biden reached out to moving company Two Non-Binary People and a Truck™, a company that strictly hires people who seldom identify as male or female.

Biden commented while taping up a box of items, “Anything a man–or woman– can do, a woman– or man– can do, too. Look, I mean, if a person identifies as a man or a woman– here’s the deal, you are who you are and if you or him or her or they want to do the stuff– you know, just be yourself and I think– no, I know– I believe– you can do this or that. And the previous President was racist. It’s obvious.”

Two Non-Binary People and a Truck™ released a statement of gratitude to the President-Elect, saying in part, “We are very pleased to serve Mr. Biden and his (Mr. Biden identifies as a man) family in this way and we will do our best to deliver on our mission statement,” which is:

We promise to transfer all belongings safely, efficiently, and genderlessly.©

As for incoming Vice President Kamala Harris, who’s new residence is One Observatory Circle NW, she has put all her stuff in a short-term storage unit just a block from the White House.

-OTW News

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