State Farm Commercial – The Actress and the Abandoned Pets?

On the surface, this is a cute ad featuring Jake (from State Farm) and an actress by the name of Gabrielle Maiden. Before we get into a possible deeper meaning of the ad, watch it below.

The Message. It was actually hard to find the ad on YouTube. In fact, just the other day I was able to find it with ease, and I believe it was even on the State Farm YouTube channel. Now, though, not so much. I believe the commercial’s scarcity online is because the message being sent is not going over well with some viewers. It’s clear this woman is abandoning her game console (translated: something she can’t afford) and the idea of abandoning pets (from owners not wanting or can’t afford) in the wild strikes a nerve with a lot of animal/pet lovers out there. There’s such a similarity, you’d think State Farm would not title the ad “Into the Wild” but that’s exactly what it’s called.

Now, I’m sure State Farm didn’t have any hidden agendas with this ad. It’s pretty straight forward. Surely they don’t support deserting unwanted pets in the wild, but someone ought to have caught this before it made it to the public.

With that said, I thought Gabrielle Maiden was funny in her western-style exclamations for the game console to move along, its home is in the wild now! You can find her on Instagram here and check out her IMDB page here.

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-Out of the Wilderness

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