State Farm’s Never Stop Streaming Ad – The Subtitle Mistake?

Welcome to my site where I write about all kinds of things for two reasons… 1. I like to and 2. I write every day (posting at 1pm central). Thanks for stopping in! I’ve discovered in the two years of daily posts that I really enjoy researching and writing about commercials. Today’s post covers aContinue reading “State Farm’s Never Stop Streaming Ad – The Subtitle Mistake?”

State Farm Commercial – The Actress and the Abandoned Pets?

On the surface, this is a cute ad featuring Jake (from State Farm) and an actress by the name of Gabrielle Maiden. Before we get into a possible deeper meaning of the ad, watch it below. The Message. It was actually hard to find the ad on YouTube. In fact, just the other day IContinue reading “State Farm Commercial – The Actress and the Abandoned Pets?”

Jake from State Farm TV ads

No joke, every single time I meet someone named Jake, it takes all of my strength to not say, “Jake… from State Farm?” Every. Single. Time. What this proves is two things: I had no idea how many people I’d meet with the name Jake The State Farm ads are funny and memorable The campaignContinue reading “Jake from State Farm TV ads”