State Farm’s Never Stop Streaming Ad – The Subtitle Mistake?

Welcome to my site where I write about all kinds of things for two reasons… 1. I like to and 2. I write every day (posting at 1pm central). Thanks for stopping in! I’ve discovered in the two years of daily posts that I really enjoy researching and writing about commercials. Today’s post covers a company I’ve written about before: The abandoned pet commercial and Jake from State Farm. It’s State Farm and they’re back with a creative ad showing a woman enjoying the benefits of someone else’s streaming service. BTW, if you want to enjoy the benefits of cheaper gas to the tune of 15¢/gallon off your first fill up, try GetUpside. Back to State Farm, take a look at their balcony streaming ad then scroll down for more info…

The Actress. Playing the part of thrifty TV viewer is Hayley Huntley. You can find more of her acting credits on her IMDB page.

My gripe. This might be a stretch but I can only pick out one thing where the ad goes a little off. I wouldn’t call it a gaffe or anything, but it might have been written better had they used a different line than, “subtitles would be nice!”

Now it’s very possible that the man of who’s personal space she was invading was watching a foreign movie and all the dialogue was in a language she didn’t know. In that case, there could be subtitles to help her understand what everyone’s saying. What I *think* she meant, though, was that she’d like CLOSED CAPTIONING on while the movie plays. The reason I think this is because there are a lot of people (hard of hearing or not) who prefer watching movies with the captioning on so they can read (in the same language as what’s spoken) everything being said. That’s different than subtitles, which are meant to translate what’s being said.

This is what stuck out to me as I watched this ad. Not to mention, and this is 100% conjecture, if it were a man sitting on the balcony staring into a woman’s apartment it wouldn’t just be the perp in the movie getting arrested.

I wonder if they got the idea for this ad from Friends? It’s hard to forget how they got wrapped up in the interests of people living across the way, whether it was ugly naked guy, or Ross spending time with Rachel’s sister before he closed the curtains.

If anyone know’s Jake from State Farm, can you check with him on what movie was playing and whether the balcony girl actually meant closed captioning? Curious minds want to know.

-Out of the Wilderness

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