The Big Error in the Progressive Jon Hamm Commercial

Hello and thanks for stopping by to find out what this big mistake is in one of the Progressive commercials starring Jon Hamm. He’s a great addition to the team, especially with the “love interest” storyline between him and Flo, although Flo is having none of it.

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In his latest attempt to have some romantic time with Flo, Jon has an elaborate setup to ask about insurance regarding a leaky pipe in his upscale high rise apartment. Take a look…

We don’t see Flo enter the apartment but it has to be assumed that she came through the front door, as it’s behind her when she first talks to Jon. Jon’s secret plan to fake the busted pipe falls apart when one of the props catches Flo’s eye (the cardboard TV). Jon confesses he just wanted to see her and she rejects him for the millionth time.

As the crew begins tearing down the set, something occurred to me: the front door. It was part of a fake wall that gets pushed aside by a crew member, revealing even more that the apartment is just part of a set in some kind of production warehouse. But… what about that front door? When Flo arrives, thinking she’s rushing over to help Jon with a home emergency, would she not have walked through the front door? If she had, she would’ve had to walk through the warehouse first. Not down a sidewalk or riding up a condominium elevator like one would expect when arriving at someone’s front door.

I’m definitely reading too much into this but Flo would’ve HAD to know something weird was going on as she walked around cameras and cables and lights and people with clipboards just to get to Jon’s front door.

Am I thinking too much about this? Of course! I’ve never been accused of not overthinking things. But even with this big error, the ad is still funny and I like the banter and tension between Jon and Flo, even if Flo has never once given him any indication that she’s interested in a relationship. Such is the age-old quest of men pursing women, I guess. 🙂

Thanks for dropping in…

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One thought on “The Big Error in the Progressive Jon Hamm Commercial

  1. I saw another massive flaw but it is with the original ad where he shows up for the first time. After he says who he is she calls him Tom when telling him she would go out with him. You might have to watch it a couple of times.


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