The Big Error in the Progressive Jon Hamm Commercial

Hello and thanks for stopping by to find out what this big mistake is in one of the Progressive commercials starring Jon Hamm. He’s a great addition to the team, especially with the “love interest” storyline between him and Flo, although Flo is having none of it. In his latest attempt to have some romanticContinue reading “The Big Error in the Progressive Jon Hamm Commercial”

Progressive Commercial with Jon Hamm and a Mad Men Actress

Flo and her best buds at Progressive are back with another ad, this time featuring “struggling actor” Jon Hamm. Take a look then scroll down for more juicy info! Also, check out their latest ad and a massive flaw they overlooked in the commercial… He wants to talk with her about Progressive Insurance over dinner,Continue reading “Progressive Commercial with Jon Hamm and a Mad Men Actress”

Jake from State Farm TV ads

No joke, every single time I meet someone named Jake, it takes all of my strength to not say, “Jake… from State Farm?” Every. Single. Time. What this proves is two things: I had no idea how many people I’d meet with the name Jake The State Farm ads are funny and memorable The campaignContinue reading “Jake from State Farm TV ads”