Commercials I Can’t Stand – Peloton

I didn’t plan on today’s post being one about something I don’t like. After all, it’s Christmas so we shouldn’t stray from happy, good feelings, right? But the fat-shaming fitness company Peloton (remember when the husband bought his wife an exercise bike and Peloton got “cancelled” because of it?) seems to know exactly how to conjure up my biggest pet peeves in a matter of seconds! In fact, it’s why they pretty much consistently always top my least favorite commercials list. Fine, I’ll be Scrooge today. These Peloton commercials irk me like no other commercials ever have. Take a look at their latest one then scroll down for more Grinchy Scrooge-ness.

The cliche phrases. I’ve narrowed down what I despise the most to the motivational statements made by the instructors. For instance…

“Step into your power.”

“You didn’t come to work out. You came to out work.”

“No challenge, no change.”

Why am I so enraged by these annoying nuggets of encouragement from the Peloton coaches? I can’t even decide if they’re puns, platitudes, or clichés but goodness gracious, I can’t stand them.

Here’s another one that illustrates Peloton’s obsession with generic, “clever” phrases.

Is something wrong with me that I’m so annoyed by these? Let me know in the comments. If I need mental or emotional help, maybe I’ll just hire a Peloton coach to encourage me to “bring that thunder.”

Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness


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