My 3 Favorite & Least Favorite TV Ads Out Right Now

I’ve been writing about commercials lately. I guess I love the research and finding out information that viewers are curious about. Check out my TV Commercial page for a lot more info but now let’s get to the list for today’s post. Here are my 3 favorite ads followed by my 3 least favorite ads airing now on TV and streaming devices. Do you have any you’d want to add to this list? Comment at the bottom (especially if you love this Taco Bell ad topping the list of favorites)…


Taco Bell “The Craving” – I love when the actor says, “You don’t consume me. I CONSUME YOU!” His delivery is amazing and funny and we should expect nothing less from Joe Keery.

GEICO “Billy Blanks Audition” – Billy Blanks stars in a tae bo flashback advertising how easy it is to save with GEICO. He does great, and his long-time fans are sure to be happy to see him in this enthusiastic performance, but viewers may also have their eyes drawn to the fitness assistants. I love the intensity and concern of the female assistant, so I love seeing this ad on TV. Plus, the clip of the guy running camera while sipping a drink is pretty hilarious. [click here for more info about this ad]

Jeep “Easy Mountain” – I thought this would be something where the ending was predictable… “It’s a cold, tough world out there…” yada yada yada. But then they have a good twist with the voiceover. Immediately liked!

Least Favorites

Peloton – These are easily my least favorite of the bunch. With annoying/trendy words and phrases like “slay,” “savage,” “halo with me,” I’m more inclined to buy a Peloton just to throw it out the window and watch it shatter into a thousand pieces. That would be a fun workout.

Toyota “Sienna Life” commercials – The first one of these I saw, I thought it was some type of talking car situation like the movie Cars. For some reason these really, really annoy me.

Kars4Kids – I’ve only heard this on the radio and for the following x amount of hours I was singing, “1-877-Kars-4-Kids…” I know the point of advertising: to stick in people’s minds but this one made me want to donate rabid cats. I’m a terrible person.

Least Favorite Honorable Mention

Vivint Security “Guard Doggs” – This one barely made my “did not like” list and here’s why. I didn’t understand it the first time I saw it. I must’ve seen a shortened version because all I saw were 2 people NOT showing me how to install the smart security system. Now, watching the full commercial, it makes sense. Perhaps the misunderstanding was on my end, but I still must include this on the list for other viewers who may not have understood it at first either.

-Out of the Wilderness


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