Gucci Ad Featuring Elliot Page – The Man, The Myth, The Woman

There are 3 people in this commercial but oddly enough, Elliot Page and Elliot Page alone is the man, the myth, the woman. Somehow she fits all three. I say “she” because not long ago Elliot was Ellen and had a promising career in Hollywood. Time will tell if her career will still flourish after transitioning to a man. One commenter on YouTube said it this way…

Only in a mythical world is a commercial like this remotely acceptable in society, but here we are! The other two people in the ad are actress Julia Garner and rapper A$AP Rocky. I don’t know if either of those two are gay or straight or bi or non-binary, but Julia is married to a man and Rocky is dating Rihanna (the birthing person who performed at the Super Bowl halftime). Take a look at the Gucci ad then scroll down for more info…

The Music. The song used in this ad is from 1955. It’s called “Life Is But a Dream” by the R&B group The Harptones.

Isn’t it ironic? Another commercial viewer pointed out the irony in the commercial. I’m sure Gucci supports every gender people have dreamt up, but then they put this at the end of the ad… “pour home and pour femme” which is French for, “for men and for women”. Someone also pointed out that if Gucci were genuinely inclusive, wouldn’t they just have one fragrance for everyone?

Gucci attempts to be provocative and edgy but the commercial just points out what every normal man dreams of, as stated in this comment…

All joking aside, ads like this will come and go but truth will always remain. How do you feel about the commercial? Will fans think it’s a hit or an ick?

See you tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness


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2 thoughts on “Gucci Ad Featuring Elliot Page – The Man, The Myth, The Woman

  1. Perfume commercials are without a doubt the absolute worst. Remember that stupid one with Johnny Depp? this one is just so dumb, they sit around and smell the perfume. sheesh. But I do like Rocky’s lace up pants. That’s about it.

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