The Birthing Person Halftime Show

It used to be that you shouldn’t ask a woman if she’s pregnant but now I don’t even think it’s politically correct to ask a woman if she’s a woman. So this birthing person named Rihanna, who might nor might not be pregnant (I haven’t asked her), was the halftime show of the Super Bowl. I’d definitely agree that performing live to a lip-sync track at the Super Bowl while you might be carrying a clump of cells (some people call a fetus) has GOT to be difficult. With that said, I would have rather watched any of the other 720 American billionaires (yes, Rihanna is a billionaire) play a show between halves… Rihanna was THAT boring. If it weren’t for the floating platforms, I might have done something productive during halftime. The game itself was great until the last two minutes and if you watched then you know how the referees once again screwed over another team NOT named the Chiefs. People who saw the disastrous ending to the game were quick to comment on Twitter. Even Burger King (who needs to stop these ads) got in on the action.

Rihanna will rank among the worst halftime shows, although it should be said that she stayed fully clothed, didn’t have any wardrobe malfunctions, and generally didn’t do anything political. I guess not doing anything stupid means it was a great halftime show? I don’t know anymore. I found a list of all the previous halftime shows, with obviously the best being Prince (2007), U2 (2002), and Michael Jackson (1993). But let’s be honest, the Super Bowl is about the commercials, like this tear-jerker from The Farmer’s Dog. So boring halftime and bad refs aside, there were some great commercials. I’ll write about them soon!

Did you watch the game? What were your thoughts on the birthing person halftime show?

See you again tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness


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