Cracker Jack Goes Full Feminist in New Commercial

I recently wrote about OREOs going gay in a new ad, and now Cracker Jack (a Frito-Lay/PepsiCo product) has joined in on the feminist messaging so prevalent in modern liberalism. Take a look…

Besides the fact that the song in fact has nothing to do with males or females, apart from the lyrics referencing baseball (played by men), there is more that agitated folks are pointing out, like the original logo of a man in a sailor suit. Comments are generally that the logo never kept anyone from enjoying the snacks. Kind of like the new Buick ads. They put up a miserable attempt to promote women’s sports in their “See Her Greatness” ads, I write about it here.

As referenced above, the original lyrics do not praise men in any way other than referencing baseball. With these new lyrics being heavy on the feminism, some jokingly suggest there might be other versions in the future to include all the genders being pulled out of thin air almost daily.

I’m sure the ad agency or Frito-Lay did focus groups to weigh the pros and cons of releasing the ad, but if the YouTube data is an indication of how well it’s being received, they may have polled the wrong crowd. As of April 13th, the date of this post, it has 24,957 views and only 344 likes. That equates 1 like for every 72 views. Since YouTube took away the ‘dislike’ button, one could only guess how many dislikes this video would have, especially since most, if not all, the comments blast it as an embarrassing woke ad.

On the surface, and maybe a few years ago when society wasn’t as on edge as it is currently, this commercial would’ve been well-received. Who doesn’t want to celebrate all that women can do and contribute to the happiness and joy in this great country? But timing is everything. Frito-Lay took a chance with this ad. Time will tell if it was a grand slam or a strike out.

-Out of the Wilderness

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