Sam Adams “Your Cousin From Boston” Vaccine Commercial – Actor, Location, and More!

Samuel Adams beer created an ad promoting their product (of course!) but also encouraging folks to get the COVID vaccine. Take a look…

This ad will make you laugh, which is a win for Samuel Adams. But just as mask-wearing and the vaccine have become political, the commercial includes a line that some viewers took issue with. After cousin gets the vaccine shot, the nurse says, “Continue to wear a mask.” Say whaaaa?

Just check the YouTube comments on this commercial and you’ll quickly see that many are asking why the mask is still necessary if you get the shot, some even vowing to give up Sam Adams altogether. Because of this slight misstep in their script and presentation, I’d say the ad misses the bullseye… but not by much.

Controversy aside, the cousin is played by actor Gregory Hoyt. He does a great Boston accent and looks similar to Mark Wahlberg, never a bad thing as an actor!

Location. The ad was shot at Boston’s Fenway Park, as seen on Google Maps– Van Ness Street. Bar scenes are from Bleacher Bar, also part of Fenway Park.

Side Notes. Everybody wearing a hat in this ad is wearing it backwards. Must all be dude bro’s! Each of the staff administering the vaccine and helping with the line of people are wearing a face shield and a mask. Also, the cousin and his friends have all been vaccinated, as indicated by their pins. It’s safe to say they all posted on Instagram about it, too, because that’s what we’re supposed to do once we get the shot.

The nurse is wearing a KN95 mask, which the CDC points out are commonly made in China.

Final Thoughts. Overall, this ad is great. It uses humor to promote its product while also spreading a message of safety. Gregory Hoyt was a great choice for this commercial, perfectly playing the role of a crazy, and also stereotypical, Boston resident.

The only part that seems to be getting pushback is the line about wearing a mask even after getting the shot. I guess it’s a CYA thing for Samuel Adams.

The Socials. Be sure to follow Sam Adams on Twitter. Also show Gregory Hoyt some love by following him on Twitter, as well– @hoytamania

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