Volkswagen Sheep Commercial – Is it a Flock or Herd?

Volkswagen is BAAAAAAck with a sheep commercial, and the sheep is adorable, by the way. Here’s the ad then scroll down for more info, if you wool.

The Music. Playing as the soundtrack for this commercial is “Make Your Own Kind of Music” but there is some controversy regarding who’s singing this version. Viewers suggest it might be Bobby Sherman. Here’s his cover of the song…

Happy, Gay Feeling. Obviously the two guys are a couple so that has already stirred up some feelings from viewers. Some find it cute and others are very much turned off by it. This is not the first time VW has featured two men in a commercial where they *could* be gay. Way back in 1997 they aired a commercial for the Volkswagen Golf and, because it aired during the “coming out” episode of the sitcom Ellen, people wondered if the two guys in the car were gay… or just roommates.

Herd Flock. The voiceover in the sheep commercial refers to them as a herd. From what I found online, a group of sheep could be called a herd if it’s a large amount of sheep and they’re wandering aimlessly. If the group is a bit smaller and they’re being rounded up by a dog, it’s called a flock. Folks in the YouTube comments suggest the commercial features a flock of sheep (not a herd) and I’d have to agree.

What feelings bubble up in you from this commercial? Does it matter that a gay couple is featured, or that the flock of sheep is called a herd? Who is singing the song, if not Bobby Sherman? Chime in below and thanks for dropping in!

-Out of the Wilderness


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