Liberty Mutual Emu Wedding Commercial – The Bride, the Costumes, and More!

Not too long ago Doug and Emu were chatting it up with a woman on a park bench. That was when Emu scurried away and Doug’s bird calls brought in all sorts of crazy birds. More on that ad here. Now the duo is back, but in fact it’s a trio because Emu is getting married! Take a look at the ceremony with Emu and his fiancé Linda…

The officiant (Doug, played by actor David Hoffman), the bride, and groom are all wearing sunglasses. No one else at the wedding is, although some have on regular reading glasses.

I particularly like some of the wardrobe choices for the cast of this commercial. Kevin, who self-assuredly objects to the wedding, is wearing a Kenny Chesney style puka shell necklace.

Towards the end of the ad, there’s an emu with flowing blond hair. Hilarious! And another in what appears to be a military suit of some sort.

My favorite part, though, happens after Kevin objects to the nuptuals. Doug rebukes Kevin and while he’s doing that, Emu lets out a tiny chirp and it just makes me laugh every time.

Is Linda, the bride, the same emu seen in the Liberty Mutual cookout commercial from a few years back? Or did Limu Emu find another girlfriend since then? Based on the hairstyle and sunglasses, I’d say it’s the same female emu, and their relationship developed into a marriage.

Do you like the random ad from Liberty Mutual? Did they tie in their messaging well, or not?

Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness

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