All the birds in the Liberty Mutual “Bird Call” Commercial…

If you’re new to this blog, you’ll see I write about commercials a lot. Some are the perfect combination of music and visual and I can’t help but research and post what I find. For ads you may be curious about, too, check out Popular TV Ads to discover interesting info about lots of popular ads in the recent years. With that said, let’s move right along to Liberty Mutual. In this ad, Limu Emu and Doug are back and they’re in a neighborhood park. Limu wanders off in the middle of Doug’s insurance pitch, and Doug has a thousand whistles to get him back. It’s funny what happens next…

That’s a lot of birds! But what are they? Well, some are common and a few are not quite so. The ad starts off with, of course, Limu the emu. But after he sneaks away, the following birds answer Doug’s call.


Tawny Owl (this is just an educated guess, it also resembles a Northern Spotted Owl)

Banded Penguin


Seagull (on his head)

Pigeons (behind him, to his left)


King Vulture (flies in, black wings with white up near the top half of the back)

This ad caught my attention because I’ve developed a fascination with birds. It’s only been in the last year or so that this curiosity has turned into wildlife photography… specifically birds. With camera in hand, I’ve come across eagles, herons, egrets, hawks and a lot more. Check out a few favorite photographs of the flying wildlife on my FineArtAmerica “birds” page.

Thanks for flying by…

-Out of the Wilderness

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