Amazon Robinhood Commercial – The Voiceover, Villains, and Women in Tights?

HelloOoOoOo and thanks for stopping by my blog today. As it’s written in the title, Amazon has a new commercial today with their own twist on the tale of Robinhood. It’s another addition to a slew of ads featuring well-known stories like Medusa, Red Riding Hood, and Romeo and Juliet. Take look then scroll down for more info!

Robin of Locksley. Due to a number of reasons (mostly because it’s a FACT!!!), Kevin Costner’s was the best Robinhood movie and while I’m on this soap box, Bryan Adams “Everything I Do” is the BEST love song in any movie ever! Oh gosh, sorry I got so heated there. I just remember as a middle schooler watching the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and loving every second of it… from Morgan Freeman’s character, Maid Marian’s gentle breath in Robin’s ear as he completely misses the target with his arrow, Christian Slater, Alan Rickman, the blind guy and the horse, Sean Connery, and even the scary witch. It’s just great.

The Voiceover. OK, back to the Amazon commercial. In every recent Amazon ad I’ve written about, I’ve tried to find out who’s doing the voiceover. The woman with the British accent is so memorable, but hard to find, let me tell ya! My searches all came up empty but I have good news… I found her. I put up a separate post with more info about the actress/comedian. Find out who it is here.

Girl Power and the Male Villains. Viewers have picked up on the trend in Amazon commercials where “women rule, and men drool.” After all, they DID turn Robinhood into woman. Not exactly subtle. On top of that, they portrayed the only men in the ad as villains, or idiots (see the guy getting pulled through the mud behind the buggy). Men don’t typically wear tights (unless you’re the star of Robinhood: Men in Tights), so perhaps Amazon is just tailoring the story to customers who can relate to tights getting snagged on things… women… and NFL football players?

Final Thoughts. Surely, opinions about this ad will be split among those who love it and those who think Amazon has taken the modern “feminist” movement way too far. One thing is for sure, though. Robinhood: Prince of Thieves cannot be topped. Remember when Maid Marian yells out Robinhood’s name? Just another of the iconic moments in this movie.

Chime in below with your thoughts on the Amazon ad, and thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness


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