The famous voices behind well-known TV ads

*Check out this link for part 2, an updated list of famous voices*

Undoubtedly, you’ve watched TV ads and thought to yourself, “That voice sounds very familiar.” Well, you’re not wrong on a handful of national commercials. Check the list below and if you’re curious about the British actress behind the Amazon ads, click here for the answer.

Honda – Fred Savage. Some time in early 2015 the well-known star of the 80s TV show “The Wonder Years” began his campaign as the voiceover guy for Honda. You can check out a long list of credits for Fred Savage in this article, and one thing mentioned is exactly why he was hired by Honda:

Savage has a recognizable voice which stirs feelings of nostalgia and comfort for viewers.

Fred’s younger brother, Ben Savage, was the star of “Boy Meets World.” I never let a chance to mention this show go by since it was my favorite of the 90s, and one of my all-time top favorites. Anywho, here’s Fred’s voice in a recent Honda ad…

McDonald’s – Brian Cox. Actor Brian Cox was hired to do the voiceovers for the fast-food chain and viewers immediately noticed the intentionality of the tagline “Bah da buh buh buuuuuh.” Before this the line was delivered in with a tone that suggested a fun and carefree experience. One of the ads focuses on the fries and points out something we’ve all experienced in our fast-food consumption…

Get them the fries. Otherwise your fries… will be their fries…

Brian Cox is a Scottish actor most known for his roles in movies like Braveheart, The Bourne series, and Manhunter, among others. Here’s the french fries ad featuring the voice of Mr. Cox.

Arby’s – Ving Rhames. The well-known actor is most widely recognized for his role in the Mission: Impossible film series and many other movies including Pulp Fiction and Con Air. But with Arby’s his deep, confident voice has helped make the following phrase popular since 2014.

We have the meats.

My favorite movie that includes Mr. Rhames is hard to decide… it’s either Mission: Impossible – Fallout or Con Air.

What do you think about the choice for celebrity voices used in these three ad campaigns? Comment below and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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