The famous voices behind well-known TV ads

Honda – Fred Savage. Some time in early 2015 the well-known star of the 80s TV show “The Wonder Years” began his campaign as the voiceover guy for Honda. You can check out a long list of credits for Fred Savage in this article, and one thing mentioned is exactly why he was hired byContinue reading “The famous voices behind well-known TV ads”

Love’s first heartache

The year was 1993 and I was a 14-year old kid living in Miami, Florida. I hadn’t ever had a real girlfriend up to that point, save for a few in middle school which boiled down to seeing movies together and not talking on the phone. And yet, around this time was when I firstContinue reading “Love’s first heartache”

This one time, I was a train conductor

As some of you already know, I sometimes write about my dreams (for example, this one or this one). Well, last night was a fun one! I was a train conductor. Chooooo chooooo! Too bad it wasn’t a soul train. It was a real train, full of passengers, and I was driving it. But when IContinue reading “This one time, I was a train conductor”