I’ve been watching Hardy Boys (Hulu)

I wrote a post recently sharing my new TV addictions… Big Sky and Hardy Boys. I figured it’s time for an update. I’m still watching both, but one feels like it’s only out of obligation. Big Sky is great. Love it. Can’t wait to see where it goes. Hardy Boys? Not so much. I’ll finishContinue reading “I’ve been watching Hardy Boys (Hulu)”

That graduation TV commercial you have been seeing on TV and Hulu

I saw this advertisement yesterday for the 100th time and finally found out more about it. The background of it is documented well here but in a nutshell, the artist is Bebe Rexha and the title of the song is “Here’s to 2020″… a 30-second tribute to this year’s graduating class… At first I thoughtContinue reading “That graduation TV commercial you have been seeing on TV and Hulu”

Thoughts on John Wick 3, Rattlesnakes, Purple Rain

With so many options for watching movies at home, it’s no surprise I’ve seen 3 this week. Honestly, though, I think I spend more time just trying to find a movie to watch. You know how that goes! I don’t have Netflix anymore, so actually the only streaming movie service I subscribe to at theContinue reading “Thoughts on John Wick 3, Rattlesnakes, Purple Rain”