DoorDash and PetSmart – The Music, The Actor, and The Pup!

DoorDash is driving home (with the windows down so the pup can smell the fresh air) the idea that they can deliver more than food. Of course, I’m talking about this basset hound ad, but also the ad below featuring a very earwormy song. Take a look… The Music. The title of this song isContinue reading “DoorDash and PetSmart – The Music, The Actor, and The Pup!”

Man’s Best Friends

It’s been a while since I posted anything about my adorable best friends Piper and Asia. But rest assured, they are still adorable and make me laugh every day. Today I started teaching Asia to speak which is obviously just a bark. Holding a treat in my hand I say “speak” then I bark. SheContinue reading “Man’s Best Friends”

Pet Peeves

A few of my current pet peeves. 1. Long receipts. So much information that I’ll never read. Check out your neighborhood Wal-Mart and you may notice the same thing I noticed. I recently went there to buy dog food when PetSmart was closed. I bought one thing, dog food. My receipt was 11.75 inches long!Continue reading “Pet Peeves”