Man’s Best Friends

IMAG0013It’s been a while since I posted anything about my adorable best friends Piper and Asia. But rest assured, they are still adorable and make me laugh every day. Today I started teaching Asia to speak which is obviously just a bark. Holding a treat in my hand I say “speak” then I bark. She must’ve really enjoyed watching me bark like a dog for 5 minutes straight. Plus, I could tell by the look on her face that she wasn’t even close to barking. More work to be done there. Meanwhile, she’s really good at the “Where’s Piper?” question. She’ll run off to find her and then come back to me. I’ve asked her so many times, hoping that if there is ever a moment I really need to know where Piper is, Asia will track her down. Of course, I almost always know where Piper is… outside howling at the moon, on my bed, or by the space heater. She and that space heater go way back to when she was just a lil’ pup. It was a cold winter so she and I would huddle up there while we watched TV. I can’t believe Piper’s already 4 years old. I still remember the first day I saw her. It was a Friday when I checked out There she was in a basket with her siblings.
BeaglePupsPam[1]Saturday, we were together. Here’s one of the first pictures I snapped of her after picking out some goodies at Petsmart.
piper pic1I also remember the first time I saw Mustard. Yep. That was Asia before she was Asia. Her blue eyes were stunning so I had to make a visit.
asia pic1Less than a week later, she was home with me and Piper. Now she’s about 2 years old, smart as anything. And I truly believe she can jump over tall buildings in a single bound. I need to have her back legs x-rayed. I think she swallowed some springs or something. It’s like she’s jumping off a trampoline. Crazy dog. I can’t wait to sign her up for an agility course class.

Piper won’t be part of any agility training. Her strongest trait is her nose. Those nostrils could sniff out a Reese’s cup in a peanut butter factory. And she would love that, by the way. She’ll eat almost anything. I think it’s a beagle thing. She’s got the appetite of the morbidly obese.

It’s getting colder here in Nashville so most of our days will be spent indoors. I know Piper’s excited about the space heater. She must think it’s part of the family. When I go to plug it in, she gets all excited. Asia likes the heater, too, but not as much as Piper. Asia’s activity of choice right now is quite interesting. She takes out this old stuffed rabbit and nibbles on the stitching. I don’t actually think she’s trying to undo anything. She just nibbles meticulously, using her teeth very purposefully. It’s funny to watch.

Here’s to another winter with these awesome dogs! (Gallery below)
-Out of the Wilderness

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