So what if I let my nails grow sometimes

The other day I realized there are only two reasons why I let my fingernails grow out.

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  1. Softball. The truth is that once they get to a certain length, they become annoying. But there’s a window of time where they are the perfect length for throwing the perfect knuckle ball pitch. Another truth, in slow pitch softball throwing a knuckle ball has very little affect on the batter. In most of the knuckles I’ve thrown the batter gets a decent hit and sometimes, a really good hit. So while throwing this pitch isn’t a game-changer, it sure as heck looks good. That’s about all it’s worth if I’m being honest, except that having three different pitch deliveries may keep the batter on their toes, so that’s a mark in favor of still throwing the knuckle. It takes about a week and a half to get the nails where I like them to have a good-looking knuckle. At the time of this post, my left hand fingernails are the PERFECT length. Unfortunately, I don’t play softball again for five more days… so I’ll have to trim them back a bit so they’re ready again for game day.
  2. Memories. When I was really young on vacation in Florida, one of my grandmothers would clip my nails. For whatever reason, I always wanted her to leave my pinky nails long. I can’t recall why we did that but she was kind enough to clip eight nails and leave the two. Now as an adult I will sometimes leave my pinkies uncut just to remind myself of my awesome grandmother.

Do you have any quirks like that? If you want to share, leave a comment below. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back again tomorrow because I post a new blog every day at 1pm Central!

-Out of the Wilderness

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