More about Xfinity’s ad featuring “Go Your Own Way”

I’ve written about Xfinity’s ads recently, one campaign featuring a cover version of “Walk of Life,” by Dire Straits. If you’re curious about that one, click here. But moving right along, Xfinity has a new ad promoting their mobile phone plan. The ad is called “My World.” You can take a look at the spot here:

Xfinity Mobile Ad “My World”

…or the alternate version:

Moses Sumney in Xfinity ad “My World”, image via

The ad features an assortment of folks doing their own thing: riding a horse in a downtown setting, clipping a bonsai tree, smoking out a motorcycle tire, riding a unicycle, and more. The ad is set to the music of Fleetwood Mac, “Go Your Own Way” but performed by a singer named Moses Sumney.

Moses can be found on screen or behind the camera. Here is a recent music video of his, followed by a music video he directed for the band Sylvan Esso.

Be sure to follow Moses through the following links:





If you’re curious about other TV ads, click here for a full list of ads I’ve researched. Thanks for stopping by!

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15 thoughts on “More about Xfinity’s ad featuring “Go Your Own Way”

  1. The girl in Ashley’s way is stunt rider Ashley Lamella she is the epitome of cycle talent on two wheels see more of her on YouTube girl stunts and wheelies


  2. I think the cyclists ditched their helmets to attempt suicide after hearing that horrid cover of Fleetwood Mac. Being Xfinity customers probably didn’t help either. Every time that commercial comes on I have to restrain myself from shoving pencils in my ears


  3. I agree with the last comment. The cover uses indy cliches to turn an upbeat, catchy rocker into a dirge. The self-tormented, baleful singing style is a downer. “Way” doesn’t need 18 self-indulgent syllables. To this commercial I say, “you can go a-wa-a-a-a-a-a-ay.”


  4. This commercial is terrible. Shows people riding bikes in busy traffic whipping in and out of traffic none of them wearing helmets. These are the kind of people that get hit by cars and the car driver is the one that pays the price. Get rid of this commercial!!!


      1. I agree 100% – speeding down San Francisco hills in a flock of bikes and NO HELMETS???
        This ad backfires;


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