KIA Niro Hybrid Commercial – The Actor and the Little Tree That Could

KIA is going all in with their commitment to “the greater good.” It’s on full display in a recent ad featuring the new model called Niro. KIA’s had philanthropic commercials before like the one with the homeless people or the one where a guy cleans up a beach. So this new guy saving a small tree is a hero like the last few protagonists in KIA commercials.

Check out the ad then scroll down for more info!

The Actor. Playing the tree-saving hero in this commercial is actor Philip Prajoux. He’s also been in a commercial “with” Arnold Schwarzenegger. Check that one out here and be sure to follow Philip on Twitter and Instagram.

There’s also another funny take on this commercial from writer Codrin Spiridon. Here’s a glimpse of his synopsis which you can read in full here:

He gets it out of the ground and puts it in a cardboard coffee cup, not plastic, of course. He treats it like it’s another person, even placing it in the front passenger seat with the seatbelt on. I think I did that as well at some point, but in my case, it was with beer.

The Music. I love to include this info when I write about commercials but at the time of this post I haven’t found out which song or artist is featured. Boo!! Some say it might be Elliot Smith or Ludovico Einaudi. If I find out more info, I’ll post it here.

It’s Aliiiiive! The biggest inconsistency I can see in the ad is in regards to the tree being saved by the driver. As you can see in the first clip, the little tree is brown. By the end it’s a luscious green color. Great, right? Wrong! How did it grow through the concrete and asphalt and THEN die? Then the driver somehow blasts through the hard ground to uproot it?C’mon, man!

Besides that, it’s a feel good commercial that shows off the convenience of being able to drive the Niro real far without having to gas or charge it up.

Do you like the ad? Are there any other mistakes or inconsistencies in the commercial? Chime in below and see y’all tomorrow!

-Out of the Wilderness


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