Amazon’s Napoleon TV Commercial – The Actor, The Joke, and More!

Hello and welcome to Out of the Wilderness. If you’ve been to the blog before, you know topics covered can vary from music to camping to beagles, faith, and a very, very little bit of politics (because who wants to talk about that!?). For more info on popular TV commercials, check out this page: Popular TV Ads, but now onto Amazon Prime’s ad featuring the comedy of… Napoleon Bonaparte?

The Actor. You might be wondering who plays the part of the conqueror turned comedian. Wonder no more! The actor is Tyler Seiple. He’s done quite a bit of acting over the years, check out his website and watch his reel below.

You can also find more info about Tyler on his IMDB page, and be sure to follow him on Instagram.

The Show. In a short amount of time Napoleon goes from a fighter to a friend, in a way, due to what he saw on TV. He was watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, a show on Amazon Prime about a housewife who becomes a stand-up comic.

The glass tumbler. A lot of detail went into the production of this Napoleon ad, even using glass tumblers with the Napoleonic bee embossed on them. Conveniently, you can find these tumblers on Amazon and have them delivered faster than a bee stings!

The joke. Napoleon asks if the audience in the back can see him, then has them laughing with his follow-up comment, “OK, I’ll stand up.” This joke plays off the common thought that Napoleon was short (or at least, shorter than other men of his time). According to, though, he was most likely just about average height… which gets overlooked (no pun intended) because of the units of measurement back then compared to modern day.

To make a long post short (another short joke 🙂 ), let’s get to the questions. What are your thoughts on the ad? Is it an effective strategy for Amazon, who wants the viewer to know that Prime changes everything? If you could change courses from what you’re doing with your life now, what would choose to do instead?

Thanks for buzzing by…

-Out of the Wilderness

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One thought on “Amazon’s Napoleon TV Commercial – The Actor, The Joke, and More!

  1. The stained glass sign used at the end of the ad is an unauthorized copy of a stained glass sign that I made for the Comedy Cellar in NYC. Google “comedy cellar’ photos to see dozens of comics in front of the real sign


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