Nike “Play New” Commercial – The music, the voice, and more!

Nike’s “Play New” ad is one I’d categorize as being for the rest of us. The non-professional athletes. The non-good athletes. The ones that, like the commercial says, try something new and find out we kind of stink at it. Here’s the ad…

Getting personal. For me it’s golf. Well, golf and skateboarding. Oh, and disc golf. Also gotta add snow skiing. And I can’t forget to include soccer. I enjoy some of these, though, even though I’m not very good and that’s the point of the ad. Get out there and try everything!

The Music. The soundtrack of this ad is a song called “Sports” by Viagra Boys.

The Stars. On Nike’s news page, they explain that the ad “features elite athletes like Sabrina Ionescu, Dina Asher-Smith and Blake Leeper, as well as award-winning artist Rosalía. Their commonality is finding joy in movement, play and competition — and using their participation as fuel for confidently pursuing their respective goals.”

Behind the Scenes. Here is a list of some credits for this ad…

agency: wieden + kennedy portland

creative directors: alberto ponte, ryan o’rourke

creatives: kevin steele, naoki ga

company: pulse

directors: thirtytwo

For an extensive list of credits, click here.

The Voiceover. My best guess is that this ad is narrated by actress/YouTuber/comedian Liza Koshy. Although unconfirmed, it sounds a lot like her and she’s worked with Nike in the past, for example this vlog of hers which is quite hilarious and well-edited.

What do you think of the new Nike ad? Does it fit with your idea of the Nike brand? Comment below and thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness

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