People need Tim Tebow to fail

I’ve written about Tim Tebow before in a post titled, “Why I like Tim Tebow and the Little Drummer Boy,” and here I am writing about the gator again. When I was in college, the college I attended had a football team always ranked in the top 5. It was Florida State. Then for a decade the program spiraled down to the depths of pitiful football, starting in 2001. It was three years during this decade that Tim Tebow arose as a Heisman-winning quarterback for FSU’s rival, the university of florida. And no, I will not capitalize that school. Tim Tebow destroyed Florida State every time they played, so of course I wasn’t a fan of his on the field.

My dislike came strictly because of how good he was as the gator quarterback. Outside of that, I had heard that he was a great person, and a Christian. Since then, and now it’s been over a decade since he was in college, he he has shown such character and positivity for years. I can’t help but like the guy, to be honest.

Well, he’s back in the sports news with the story that he’s trying out for the Jacksonville Jaguars as a tight end. I don’t have much to say other than this: I sincerely hope he succeeds in the NFL. In fact, I wish him 100% success in whatever he does, because he seems to be doing it all with that same character and faith he’s had since I’d first heard of him. It’s funny and odd that he gets such push back from people around the country. He’s an amazing athlete (I won games in the NFL, the highest level of football in the country), and he lives out his faith. But it’s not just about living out his faith, it’s that from this faith comes such good things for people around him. I mean, an atheist “lives out their faith” but what good does that do as a direct result of that belief system? Tim’s faith improves the lives of others, which is pretty incredible and admirable.

The people that hate on him might be loud about it, but I bet they can’t come up with a single thing he’s done that’s worthy of dislike. In fact, it might be what he’s NOT doing that irritates people. He’s not out partying. Not wasting money on women or drugs. He’s just a good dude, and people don’t like that.

Tim, I hope you succeed if you make it back into the NFL and I look forward to hearing more about your journey over the coming years and decades!

Final thoughts: People just want Tim Tebow to be not a good person so they can feel better about themselves. But other than going to the University of Florida, what’s there not to like?

-Out of the Wilderness

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One thought on “People need Tim Tebow to fail

  1. While growing up, I was aware that some people didn’t like others because they were decent. We called it peer pressure. There are people, most probably because of their own lives, the way they’ve lived, the excuses they’ve made, and having succumbed to peer pressure, that have difficulty liking truly decent people. It’s a battle they have with themselves, but they don’t see it.

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