Win Reality strikes out with baseball VR commercial

You might have seen this virtual reality company’s commercial during the World Series recently. It’s Win Reality promoting their realistic baseball simulation. Check it out…

Maybe the product is good. Certainly the idea is a good one. Instead of going out to a batting cage, this product makes it possible to get “practice” from the comfort of your own home. But that’s the problem, too. Does anyone see the example of a kid in a living room and NOT immediately think of how it ends? Shattered TVs, walls, furniture, lamps, vases, planters, picture frames, and ceiling lights. I mean, look at all the potential breakage in the image below…

It reminds me of the Wii controller. Something so lightweight still causes damage. Can you image a full-size baseball bat? No mother in their right mind is going to buy, much less, allow this toy in a living room. A dad *might*… if he’s comfortable sleeping on the couch in that living room.

On the company’s YouTube page, there’s a much better video/commercial showing off the VR game system.

Good product idea, dumb commercial choice for a World Series ad placement. What they don’t mention in the ad is that you need Meta Quest (the VR headset) to use this product. Meta Quest is going to set you back around $400. As far as this baseball/softball product, based on the number of YouTube views across all their videos, it’s not quite catching on. Early adopters might help but unless there’s a wave of new users (who also own a Meta Quest VR headset), this simulator game might already be losing in its first at bat.

I like the idea of real-world practice with Win Reality, simply because of its convenience. I just wish they’d picked a different ad, one without a kid swinging a heavy bat in a nice living room full of so many breakable things.

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-Out of the Wilderness


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