Allstate’s new ad “Duet”… the car, the music, the hood ornament!

This ad, titled “Duet,” features the music of the Pet Shop Boys performing “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)” while a guy drives his car down an undisclosed road in an undisclosed state. Even the license plate doesn’t give away any location info.

“The Beautiful State” and the plate number 2SBI653 are both used as props in film and TV. Keeps things generic and ambiguous, you know?

About the car itself… Obviously Allstate didn’t want to give any free advertising to an automaker, as you can see (refer to pic above) the car has no visible logos or emblems on the front grill where most car companies place their signage.

Based on the shape of the headlights, the lower grill around the fog lamps, my best guess is this is a 2016 BMW 435i Cabriolet with a custom front end. See in the pic below how the basic shape and structure of the BMW grill matches the car in the ad.

Now for that hood ornament… do a quick search for “flying woman” or “nymph” hood ornament and you will have plenty to choose from. There are also quite a few on Amazon here. Below is my favorite from all the images that come up…

via Flickr

What do you think of the ad? Does it conveys the intended message from Allstate?

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163 thoughts on “Allstate’s new ad “Duet”… the car, the music, the hood ornament!

  1. The Mirage hotel and casino has a very similar statue in their lobby. So my thought was that the driver was headed to Vegas for the weekend. Anyone who’s taken that drive would agree the scenery would also be supportive of this theory as would the lyrics “let’s make lots of money.” The guy is just having a TGIF ride to take a shot at winning —- subconsciously, the viewer association is Allstate customers are (hopeful) winners too. Subliminal suggestions are a part of all advertising. Even the semi creepiness of the statue is meant to invoke interest and get viewer attention. Looks like a home run! Good job Allstate ad people!!!

    1. Excellent interpretation! 👍. Very intelligent commercial. Not everybody gets it. He’ll be using the $718 savings on his Allstate insurance shown on his cell phone to make lots of money in Vegas!

      1. It sure does!!
        Kudos to Jersey Girl! 👏.
        For so long it went over the heads of so many who just wanted to talk silly about a “creepy” hood ornament which is beautiful and seems to be inspired and designed along the Art Deco architecture of the classical Chrysler Building in New York City.

  2. Being in media advertising…this is an AWSOME commercial. The guy in the car is perfect….the blend is unbelievable 1930 Buick hood emblem is great. I now want one. This makes a huge attractive statement. GREAT JOB!

  3. I positively love this commercial. It has me hooked and I watch it every time it comes on. I make my friends and family watch it. You have to have an imagination and not look for the bad in everything. I agree, it could be longer.

      1. 👍👍👍. – Haven’t seen the ad recently. Hope they bring it back. It’s the best!!
        Keep going strong!!!

      2. I love the ad and it always makes me smile. The new ad with the crab NOT so much. I hope they bring the other ad back.

  4. If you say the word “creepy” enough people are going to start believing it, like believing that the presidential election was “stolen” – duh. It’s a fantastic ad & I’m always irritated that it doesn’t go on longer. It’s FUN.

  5. If you people would do a search on Allstate commercial 2021, you will find all kinds of videos and information on the Allstate commercial…The song is by the “Pet Shop Boys” and the car is gender neutral so as not to advertise a car company…It is for throwing caution to the wind as a commercial often does and is not meant to irritate anyone other than those folks that cannot understand a simple advertisement…It is for fun and allowing Allstate to mention themselves in a commercial that happens to just be fun…My husband and I like it and find it a cheap thrill considering other boring commercials that air…The “wet teddy bears” commercial has to be the worst…

  6. It’s ok, I Like the song and the message it sends.

    But I wanna know?

    What kind of drugs was the writer on? I want what some of what they have!

    What could I see? A talking gecko? We’d work out a great dance step.

    Or monster dancing?

    Have you ever seen a monster before dancing across a dance floor?

    Don’t turn around! Don’t run and shout!

    Go and dance and help the monster turn it out!

      1. I’ll watch it over wet teddy bears any time. It’s too short.

      2. Duet is a great commercial. Agree that it’s too short! Wet teddy bears is the most idiotic commercial I’ve ever seen. They should fire their ad agency. Can’t believe they haven’t pulled it!

  7. I am amazed at how many people are creeped out by the singing hood ornament. But, folks, you are still in the minority. Most people love the commercial and the “obvious joy” of the ornament, flying down the road and singing, makes most people smile.

    1. I agree! Normally I turn off or ignore commercials, but this is one I look forward to viewing again & again. It’s so joyful!

      1. I personally cannot pay attention to anything else while this commercial airs, everytime it airs. Allstate should produce a video for the entire song, start to finish with the very same people and premise.
        I am hooked.

      2. What a great idea!! The commercial is fabulous. I’m hooked, too, and run to watch it every time I hear it!

    2. It is fantastic. There is something about this commercial that you can’t get enough of it. It’s a happy commercial . Freedom from all the cares heartfelt singing

    3. I dont know who? Everything ive read says its terrible..and thar hood ornament IS creepy!!!

  8. Not certain, but the location of the last scene (aerial) in the commercial looks a lot like Nevada Highway 375, a few miles east of the “black mailbox”???

      1. More people like it than not, so why should it be taken off? Just change the channel!

  9. That hood ornament totally creeps me out! Song is ok and catchy I guess. Was just wondering if it creeped other people out

    1. Yes, it was creepy when I fist saw it. But now I love it. I wonder if the hood ornament is an actual person. Cheers

    2. What’s really creepy is the Progressive commercial with the half man half motorcycle to emulate a Centaur. Centaurs had a really bad reputation in Greek myths and mythology. They were mostly famous because they were extremely violent towards women and other people. There are numerous myths and stories about centaurs violating women in Greek mythology.

      Now that is REALLY disturbing and should be removed!

    3. It’s demonic. Some people will be attracted, others repelled. Count yourself lucky you are repelled.

  10. You all need to stop hating! The music is catchy, it’s a catchy commercial! 🎤I’ve got the brains you’ve got the looks let’s make lots of money 😀

    1. So well said, Jen V! 👍. Those are the words that smart people use when they pool their talents and strengths to succeed. It’s ambition in catchy music!

      1. Great, isn’t it? I love it. Some people don’t appreciate anything. It’s too fun not to like!

  11. The lyrics in the ad song have been altered from the original “Opportunities” lyrics.

  12. This will date me, but that driving beat, wind in the hair, convertible tooling down the road takes me back to Richard Gere, Blondie, “Call Me” and American Gigolo. Love this commercial!

      1. That good ornament totally creeps me out! Song is ok and catchy I guess. Was just wondering if it creeped other people out

      2. Would you people mind defining what you feel is so “creepy” about this commercial? It is just creative animation. Haven’t you EVER seen a mix of human and computer generated animation? It’s all over the place, for crying out loud. Have you seen the Progressive commercial of the shop owner who needs crutches and all the computer
        generated animation there? Are all those animated creations creepy, too?

    1. I absolutely love this commercial! It is my most favorite. Every time it comes on TV, I have to stop and start singing LOL Only wish, that I knew all the words to the entire song. Absolutely adore the guy driving the car, what a cutie. My most favorite part, is the hood ornament, she is fabulous! 😝

  13. I think the Allstate Water Nymph on the T.V. commercial is very charming. I’d love to purchase one. Are they for sale?

      1. Political correctness is freaky. A black dude and chrome hood ornament selling car insurance ?
        Small wonder Allstate is closing sales offices .
        Sell insurance – not paying homage .

  14. I find the commercial creepy. Creepy enough that I searched to see who else thought it creep. Enough said.

      1. Absolutely the best commercial I have seen! Brings a smile everytime I see it!!

    1. That is why I am here. I cannot stand the creepy thing. I turn off the channel when it comes on. Seriously?

    2. The duet from Allstate (car ornament) is the
      Most God awful ad I have ever seen. It makes my skin crawl. 🤮. Awful horrible
      Etc ad nauseum. !!!!!


  15. This ad freaks me out but I was curious about the model of the car. Recently, during a trip to Savannah, I randomly toured the “Prohibition Museum” and found what seems to be this hood ornament on one of the exhibits! I wish I could add the pic in this post!

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE OPPORTUNITIES COMMERCIAL. Much better than some of the other insurance commercials.

  17. LOVE IT!! Very cool! Watch it every time it’s on!! Love the desert, love the car, love the driver, love the hood ornament, love the song!!

    1. I agree.
      Hate this ad.
      The driver is going to need a lot of money for that AllState car insurance.

  18. This add makes me want to sing. It’s one of a few adds that I do not fast forward through. The hood ornament looks like one from a 1938 Cadillac brougham.🎼

      1. cuz the song sucks and in typical shitty music style millenials are known for it falls right into the sucks badly and is annoying category.Facts. Trash music 101.

  19. Some of you people are reading to deeply into the meaning of this commercial. The song was a poke at Thatcherism when it was released, and for those of us that liked the song when it came out, we are the current 45-55 demographic. It has nothing to do with race; it’s the joy of out driving your car singing along with a good song. Stop reading into meanings that aren’t there.

  20. Ron G
    My favorite commercial. Great song, great duet. I love hood ornaments. Grew up in the 50’s. All cars had them. The duet was genius.

    1. A singing hood ornament??? Hate this commercial… walk out of the room whenever it comes on….. ugh

    1. Yes! I find it incredibly creepy. I like the song so I don’t mute it, but I don’t watch it..

  21. This is by far one of the stupidest ads ever! It’s saying that intelligence and strength can’t be found in one person. It implies that a hood ornament has more smarts than a strong black male person who is driving the car. How ridiculous. Shame on you Allstate!

    1. How frick’n STUPID can YOU be? It has NOTHING to do with race you ignorant moron. Did you swap brains with a fence post? It’s about a company selling its product using humor and music to sell it.
      Why don’t you grow up a bit before you start spewing dribble like this.
      Shame on you

      1. Anytime there is a person of color in a commercial there was a conscious effort to do so. While I don’t agree with Adelle; this commercial is creepy and not at all humorous. You braindead frick’in Moron.

  22. Absolutely hate the singing hood ornament commercial and turn the channel as quickly as I can. No. No. No.

    1. Yes… I agree! But, I still drop everything to try making out what the hell is it she’s singing throughout the remaining commercial..😠 Drives me 🤪 crazy😄! Brain, Braun, Money… I got that – what else????

      1. What’s to understand? The guy gets a text that he’s gotten money back from his Allstate policy (“Let’s make lots of money”). And his happiness is so infectious that his car (via the hood ornament) sings along with him. Some of you are definitely reading more into it than there’s meant to be.

  23. I want to BE that hood ornament…. singing with abandon , hair blowing in the wind! Obviously she trusts her driver!!

  24. love it! make a good tv show. the 2 traveling America making lots a money for good causes of course

      1. I dislike this irritating commercial SO much, I will never bother with Allstate Insurance! I wouldn’t even call them for a quote! It is hideous, disturbing and just repulsive! Oh how I wish they would remove it from our tv viewing. I just can’t stand it. Please Please go away!!

    1. I really would like a hood ornament that sang along with the radio and myself with such abandon. Very Cool.

  25. I hate this ad. I don’t get how “let’s make lots of money” has anything to do with car insurance. I also find the hood ornament creepy.

    1. I totally agree. Don’t even understand the stupid commercial. Who’s the driver? What’s with the creepy hood ornament?!

    2. Other than car insurance companies make lots of money. I don’t get it either. I like the tune but also find the hood ornament creepy.

    1. I think this is the best commercial ever I think the actor is sexy hood ornament is so cute. Award winning.

  26. Thanks for your article and all the search about the car and the hood ornament involved in this ad. You where the only one on my long search on internet who satisfied my curiosity about this great ad. Love it. Thanks.

  27. I want to know if the road is in mojave desert or josua tree national park, i have driven on this road but am wondering where it is.

  28. I love the music it’s upbeat and so cool how the emblem was a singing along while taking a beautiful drive!

    1. I love this add, it reminds me of my dad’s truck and or cars he always have hood ornaments and as a child I would fantasize that they actually did sing as we drove down the road.

  29. I love it but the female hood ornament is driving me crazy. Who is it “Heidi Klum” and whois providing the vocal?

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