He Gets Us – The Commercials and More

By now you’ve probably seen the Jesus commercials on TV or streaming. The official campaign, “He Gets Us,” has an entire portfolio of ads but here’s one of their more recent ones to give you an idea of what they’re about.

The people behind these ads go by the same name, “Het Gets Us,” a non-profit organization with no specific church affiliation, and that’s on purpose. One of their main goals in a society that is seemingly burnt out on Christians and Christianity in general: Refocus on Jesus. It’s not unlike the well-known Ghandi quote, “If it weren’t for Christians, I’d be a Christian.”

As you can expect, these ads have been met with opposition. Even the ad above, which was created using AI technology, is facing backlash from some people claiming the artwork in it was used without permission of artists. I did a little research into that claim, and it’s kind of a gray area. The AI image generator creates original art but it could be plausible that it uses themes and styles from actual, real artists.

The ads are also being praised by people happy that Jesus is being preached to new generations in a way that isn’t cheesy or old-fashioned. Whether someone likes the commercials or not, one thing is for sure: They’re getting people’s attention. What happens after that is up to the viewer (and the Holy Spirit, I suppose 😉 ).

I read that there will be two of these “He Gets Us” commercials airing during the Super Bowl, so I’m sure there will be lots of online discussions about them. I’ll be using the hashtags #JesusCommercial and #HeGetsUs to find out how people are reacting.

See you tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness


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