These disappointing Super Bowl commercials…

To be perfectly honest, it seems like every year the highly-anticipated commercials become less and less exciting to watch. Don’t get me wrong, there are always a few that are ‘Super Bowl worthy’ but for the most part in the last decade or more the game ends and I wonder, “What happened to the commercials!?” And yet, every year I look forward to being entertained by the ads. You’d think companies paying millions would want to make something memorable (in a good way!) but maybe now it’s more about just getting their brand name in front of all the eyeballs.

With all that said, I have a question for you. Which ads are most disappointing to you? Maybe it goes all the way back to the .com era when a lot of the Super Bowl ads were for websites… you know, back when the internet was new. The commercials that inspired this post, and I’m sure we’ll see a handful during the Super Bowl this evening, are the ones advertising movies.

There is nothing more disappointing than a movie commercial during the Super Bowl.


I understand why they do it. It’s such a big audience watching the game and for movie production companies, that ideally translates to money at the box office. I’m fine with movie commercials, but why not get a little creative with it? In other words, create a commercial for your movie specifically for the Super Bowl, not just a generic promo with clips from the movie. If the movie is THAT good, you must have good actors in it, so pay them a little extra to act in a commercial specifically cut to air during the Super Bowl.

So I think we’ll see those during today’s game, unfortunately. We’ll also see a few that make no sense, there are ALWAYS some of those. There will be one or two that spark controversy because certain people (*ahem* politicians) love to keep Americans divided. But thankfully, there will also be the diamonds in the rough and I’m hoping one or two of those include the Budweiser Clydesdales! 😉

To leave on a happy note, here is one of my favorite patriotic commercials from Jeep that had something to do with the Super Bowl in 2019, I can’t even remember if it aired during the game or just in the weeks leading up to it. Then I’ll also include the best Super Bowl commercial ever… from 2013. Budweiser and the horse that misses his buddy.

What are you looking forward to this Sunday, whether it’s the Super Bowl, the commercials, or something not related to football at all?

See you tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness


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