Amazon’s Wedding Commercial – The Actresses, and the Music! (part 1)

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Subscribe and Save is the message in one of Amazon’s latest TV commercials, titled “Save the Date.” They present it in a clever way– a bridesmaid telling her bride that it’s OK to be scared of commitment. Sounds familiar!!! My dad sometimes thinks that’s why I’m not married. But did I tell you one of my exes is married? Here’s how I found out. But my dating failures aside, take a look at this Amazon ad then scroll down for more info about the bridal party…

The Bride. Playing the part of future-wifey is actress Kristen Lundberg. She describes her role in a jovial way, “I married Jeff Bezos!” as the caption reads from her post on Instagram. Also, watch the ad again and you might pick up on Kristen’s role a bit more. She didn’t have any speaking lines, but her body language says a lot. From confused to curious, hesitant to hopeful, her eyes and expressions so more than a script could. Be sure to follow her on Instagram here @KristenLundbergerCheese, or check out her website Here is Kristen’s reel.

The Bridesmaid. Fully supporting her friend, the bride, like any good bridesmaid would do is actress Dina Freberg. She must be the “something blue” in the old wedding rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” …as she appears in a blue dress to give her bride-friend some encouragement. Dina describes herself as “very funny” and for this shoot, she admits jokingly that she did “a lot of squatting in between takes.” Check out more of her stuff on Instagram here @DinaFreberg.

Find out more about Dina’s professional career on her website

The Music. It’s subtle, but playing as the soundtrack to this commercial is a very well-known song associated with weddings. It’s “Canon in D (Pachelbel’s Canon)” and here’s a beautiful rendition of the piece.

I don’t have the opportunity to include this in many of my posts, so I’m super happy to include one of my all-time favorite songs related to this commercial. Here’s the Trans-Siberian Orchestra with “Christmas Canon Rock.”

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